DVD Review – The Peninsular Collection, 95th Rifles, 1812 to the Pyrenees



Yet another polished documentary from the BHTV Team. For those viewers new to BHTV military history DVDs, first glance at the jacket leaves the feeling that the presenters are a cast of thousands. This is the reason BHTV produces excellent presentations and the style is unique. The presenters are a band of historians, ex-soldiers, enthusiasts and battlefield guides. They know their subjects intimately and they have great enthusiasm for the subjects of the DVD. Having ex-soldiers in the team means that there is an eye for terrain which determines the outcome of most land battles. Adding into the presentation enactment groups, who are enthusiasts spending much of their spare time researching their uniforms and equipment and learning the stories behind the battles they re-enact, add a further valuable dimension, colour and movement. The elements of a BHTV presentation combine to produce not only a program of great authenticity, but a level of excitement that is entirely natural, deriving from the real events, and in great contrast to many television documentaries where the presenter has little knowledge or enthusiasm for the events, where artificial excitement is injected to keep things moving and getting in the way of the real story.






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