A Cat Called Kydd

A Cat Called Kydd

by BigJules




I was gob-smacked when reader John Thompson told me he wanted to build a model of Teazer, Kydd’s first command – and present it to me! The superb model even gained the royal seal of approval, here being viewed by HRH The Princess Royal

Marius Moolman christened his beautiful yacht Artemis after the second book in the Kydd series.  Perhaps his vessel does not roam the seas after prey and prizes, but she has lovely lines,  just like her namesake!

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by a salty mariner claiming to be a petty officer from HMS Teazer! No, it wasn’t the Teazer that Kydd knew and loved but a Royal Navy destroyer of yore that CPO Vince Hart served in. Sadly, she is no more but Vince presented me with his treasured Teazer cap tally

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And, perhaps most touching of all – I learned that a reader in Japan left instructions in his will that he be buried with his treasured copies of Kydd books

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