Book Review – Images of War, Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War, Rare Photographs form Wartime Archives



When readers think of Vietnam, many will have a picture of dense tropical rain forest, rocky streams, close country and everything that makes armour an unlikely weapon system in that theatre of conflict. That is very far from the reality. The form of warfare engaged in was largely column warfare where armed vehicle convoys had to fight their way between strong points, or be used to set up a new strong point or fire-base. At night the Viet Cong could flow back into the areas that had been painfully cleared during the day. Armoured fighting vehicles made reasonable heavy escorts for road convoys and could become mobile armed bunkers. As with other titles in this excellent series, this book contains concise text, much in the form of photo captions, and extensive photographic illustration. Most photographs are rare and some are published for the first time in a book available to public readership. A remarkable amount of information has been packed into the pages and this book will satisfy, professional, enthusiast and novice equally.

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