Book Review – Inside Wellington’s Peninsular Army 1808-1814



The centuries of Anglo-French warfare concluded with the three defeats of Napoleon. Nelson and the Royal Navy conclusively defeated the Franco-Spanish navies at Trafalgar in 1805. From that point the Royal Navy became the dominant sea power for a hundred years, but the final defeat of Napoleon required soldiers on the ground. That led to two defeats for Napoleon at the hands of Wellington. The authors have provided a penetrating picture of Wellington and his Army in the Peninsular to explain what was so special about the commander and his troops. This is a very important book that should be widely read, especially by those French historians who have difficulty in understanding how thoroughly Wellington thrashed Napoleon.

The authors have established reputations that are complimentary to each other and they have based their work on the foundation of Osman’s epic study. This virtually guarantees their success and the resulting work is a pleasure to read with a seamless blending of contributions from the authors with the foundation provided by Osman. An excellent work that is highly recommended and essential reading for anyone with an interest in the period and the deployment of arms.

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