Book Review – Modern Warfare, The Afghan War, Operation Enduring Freedom 2001-2014



A worthy addition to a fine series of books reviewing Modern Warfare. As with other titles in the series, this book features concise text and lavish illustration that includes full colour images. For enthusiasts and professionals, this will be a useful and interesting addition to available knowledge about the Cold War and its many hot local wars, fought through proxies. It is well-timed as Russia once more plunges the world back into a cold war that will be all the more dangerous and unpredictable than the first Cold War. The book also provides an excellent entry point for those wishing to develop their knowledge of modern warfare at and affordable price.

This book sets out the history and the prospects in a clear and easily followed way. The information gap that has existed in very dangerous as international relations become more fragile and unpredictable. Books like this new title provide a valuable service in correcting the knowledge gaps. Highly recommended.

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