Book Review – The Waterloo Archive, Volume VI: British Sources



The publisher has written a fine and comprehensive list of leading books covering military history from ancient to modern times. Of particular value is the fine list of primary source information. When Gareth Glover embarked on his epic research of primary source material to relate to the Battle of Waterloo, he may not have envisaged such a comprehensive and effective gathering of information. This book is the last volume in his endeavours and any reader who has purchased one volume is sure to have eagerly awaited the next volume to be published. This presents something of a challenge for a reviewer. With most books, there is a clear primary readership, who would purchase a book because it directly filled their need for entertainment or information. This book has what may be an irregular readership. The core readership will be those who want to be able to draw their own conclusions about an incredibly important battle in a history filled with battles. There will be enthusiasts who like to challenge some of the conclusions set out by authors and historians. There will also be those who descend from people who were in some way involved in the events and who are trying to understand those who were their direct ancestral predecessors. Then there will be many enthusiasts and professionals who normally cover a different genre but want to learn about how the events leading to and following from Waterloo have affected their special niche of interest. There will be many more who find this comprehensive work applicable to their interests.

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