Book Review – The Biography of Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, in Search of the Better ‘Ole



The authors founded a Battlefield Tours company in 1978. They ran this successful company until some twenty years ago when they sold up to concentrate on writing. Given their experience in guiding visitors around the WWI battlefields of the Western Front, it is perhaps unsurprising that they should write some of the most informative and popular guide books. They have also written about related topics, including an acclaimed series of military biographies. Their biography of Rudyard Kipling’s son John was sensitive and moving, as were their biographies of Poets of the Great War. During this research, writing, and collection of postcards of the period, they came across the fascinating story of Bruce Bairnsfather and this book provides a unique review of his sketches and cartoons. This is an absorbing story and will appeal to a wide range of readers because of the scope of the topics.

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