#MastWalk wins Best use of PR


Alex Thomson climbed to the top against some of the best brands in Sport last night at the BT Sports Industry Awards for their #MastWalk viral marketing campaign.




The latest stunt created by Alex Thomson Racing saw the single handed skipper take a dramatic dive from the tip of the HUGO BOSS mast. The #MastWalk has been a viral sensation with his channel boasting over a million views in a matter of days.
The stunt required organisation and attention to detail. Alex Thomson Racing had to modify the vessel to achieve this magnificent stunt. Hazards and dangers with completing the footage required Alex Thomson and his team to plan, train and of course find the perfect conditions. The crew worked together to ensure a global media sensation. The helmsman (the person driving the boat) had little steerage as the tip of the rudder skimmed the surface of the sea. The yacht HUGO BOSS had to remain heeled over at 60 degrees to ensure Alex could walk the 30 metre mast and dive from great height, with this amazing racing machine on the edge of broaching. (A term used by sailors when a yacht rounds up into the wind and all control is lost.) Philip Burghaus Marketing Manager from HUGO BOSS said “We did not expect to win this award but as a major sponsor of sailing, we believe sailing as a sport provides outstanding sponsorship value as demonstrated tonight”
Alex Thomson Racing achieved the #MastWalk viral sensation working alongside the media production company WING and their PR agency PHA media boasting over 1.5 million views in a matter of days. Working alongside HUGO BOSS Alex Thomson Racing produced a unique and innovative way to create an award winning Digital PR campagain.
Alex Thomson boast’s one of the greatest and longest sporting sponsorships with HUGO BOSS – The question is what #walk will Alex walk next!


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