Book Review – Pasha



It really doesn’t seem like this is the fifteenth story in the Kydd and Renzi series and that the soft back edition is now available. For readers who have been greatly entertained by any, or all, of the previous fourteen stories, there is little a reviewer can say, other than to confirm that this is a worthy addition to the series and will provide as much pleasure and information as any of the preceding books. For those who have yet to read one of these stories, there is much to say without spoiling the many surprises in store for them in this gripping yarn. The publication of the soft back edition means two things to Kydd and Renzi fans. First, it means that those who prefer to wait for the soft back edition have had their patience rewarded and their numbers will swell with all the new readers who pick up the soft back at an airport, to be avid readers who will want to puy the preceding stories in the saga. Second, it means that we are only a few months away from seeing the sixteenth story appear as a hard back.

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