Blogging away, blogging away – more thoughts…

Blogging away, blogging away – more thoughts…

by BigJules

Jack TarFirst, I must thank you again for all the feedback and comments on my blogs.

Being an author can be a pretty isolated life so it’s always great to hear from readers! And while I thoroughly enjoy writing the Tom Kydd series – and my other historical fiction – it’s a pleasant diversion to put pen to paper (metaphorically) outside the confines of the structure of a novel.

As well as regular blogs via BigJules for the past two years, I’ve been honoured to be invited to write guest blogs a number of times.

Here’s some you may have missed

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The Story Behind THE SILK TREERelated Blogs

Blogging away, blogging away
Juggling all the ballsDo send me any suggestions you might have for future blogs, either in the form of a question for ‘Ask BigJules’ or a general topic you’d like to see covered. I’ll pop a special thank-you gift in the post to any that I take up.

Good thing Kathy’s a hard taskmaster about the number of words I write each day, or I might just get a bit carried away with blogs…

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and I welcome new Friends and Followers. But now, I really must get back to the work in progress…

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