Metropolis – Mapping the City by Jeremy Black



Jeremy Black

Published by Bloomsbury 8 October, 2015

£30 Hardback

Cities are the repositories of countless hopes and dreams, places where destruction and conflict, vision and order sit side by side.

Metropolis looks at the development of the mapping and visual recording of the city, revealing how urban space is organised. From skyline profiles, bird’s eye views and panoramas, to personal ‘mind maps’ from resident artists such as Londoner Stephen Walter, cities and the human aspirations of their inhabitants can reveal themselves in many ways.

Focusing on key points in the development of urban cartography and including visions of the future of how we would be living today, Metropolis illustrates with more than 150 maps some of the oldest, youngest, liveliest, and most contested cities in the world. Each map has a purpose and its design reflects this. Noted historian Jeremy Black explains its relevance and elegance. For anyone interested in the city in which they live or with the desire to explore the history and culture of a metropolis overseas, this book is an enlightening companion.

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