TYGER: “A very rich and satisfying reader experience”

TYGER: “A very rich and satisfying reader experience”

by BigJules

QD Sept Oct 2015A number of early review copies of Tyger, the next book in the Kydd series, were made available by my publishers (Hodder & Stoughton in the UK; McBooks Press in the US). I’ve been chuffed with the feedback from these reviewers, many saying it’s the best book yet! And I’m honoured that the September-October issue of Quarterdeck devotes a whole nine pages to my work and features specially commissioned photographs, taken in my study in my home in Devon. Click on the picture to download this free online maritime/historical fiction journal.




Here’s excerpts from just three advance readers’ comments:

TYGER packshot

All the elements of action, surprise, disappointment, horror and elation were woven by you into a sea story for the ages. It is one of the best Kydd books to date. The fact that you are a real sailorman, like myself, makes what you say and do in your books really authentic. All in all a big thank you and a bigger Bravo Zulu to Sir Thomas and you.

    ’ – Harry Scholer

I don’t know how you do it but Tyger is better than your last book. The character descriptions are strong enough I didn’t have to flip back and forth to the Dramatis Personae. The action scenes are real heart pounders. The political shenanigans read so true and gossipy. It could have been a dull recitation but you made it very lively. Your books have many different layers of stories woven throughout and, you added in Baltic history in easy reader spoonfuls! It’s a difficult challenge to make the past come alive, retelling who did what to whom while keeping a reader in eager anticipation of the outcome. It makes for a very rich and satisfying reading experience.’ – Diana Dunn

US Edition

‘Tyger is the Thomas Kydd tale that we have all come to admire through fifteen novels, and now in a sixteenth. There are twists and turns, failures and successes, and as always, the triumph at his darkest hour of our favourite English naval hero. If you like heroic tales, great sea adventures, the romance of the age of the sail, and the details of historical fiction, then you will find much to treasure in Tyger, the next wonderful addition to this series.’ – Alan Eggleston

If you’d like to whet your appetite click here for an excerpt from chapter one
And please accept my invitation to attend the Official Launch

Tyger will be published simultaneously in the UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and South Africa on 8 October. An ebook and audio download will also be available. It will be released in the US in November

If you’d like a 10-page excerpt of Quarterdeck featuring the interview with me, Tyger review etc. email admin@julianstockwin.com with “Stockwin Quarterdeck” in the subject line and I’ll be happy to send you a .pdf file to download.

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