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Agincourt Myth and Reality 1415-2015
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RRP: £12.99

Agincourt 1415
RRP: £14.99

The Agincourt War
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Spotlight on 100 Years War: Agincourt 1415 DVD
100 Years War: Agincourt 1415
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100 Years War: Agincourt 1415

On 25 October 1415, Henry V’s small and dispirited Anglo/Welsh Army destroyed a vast French Army at Agincourt. This DVD looks at not just this iconic battle immortalised by Shakespeare and many other authors but the campaign that led up to this final great English victory of the 100 Years War when the Yeoman of England reigned supreme on the field of battle.

In this film, the Battlefield History TV team use their experience as soldiers and guides to bring this iconic campaign to life. The team examines the political, military and economic background to the campaign and brings the subject to life by visits to all the major locations, skilful use of maps and complimented by re-enactment footage and vignettes of life and combat in 1415.

As seen on BBC’s The One Show…

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The Real Sherlock Holmes

Pen and Sword authors Angela Buckley and Dean Kirby appeared on BBC1’s The One Show on Tuesday evening, helping presenter Joe Crowley in his search for a real-life inspiration for fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Watch the 5-minute clip, here.

Filmed in and around the Greater Manchester Police Museum, Angela (Twitter: @amebuckley) presented compelling evidence that Conan Doyle’s most famous character was based on Victorian Detective Jerome Caminada, the subject of the bestselling biography The Real Sherlock Holmes. Dean Kirby (Twitter: @AngelMeadowBook), author of a forthcoming book about Angel Meadow – Victorian Britain’s most savage slum, also appeared in the segment.

Selected Nelson and Trafalgar titles

Nelson’s Victory
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HMS Victory
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Nelson’s Trafalgar Captains and their Battles
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Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls
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The British Battleship
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Very Special Ships
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Ships for all Nations
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Impossible Victories
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Now: £13.50