HMS Victory Pocket Manual 1805 – Celebrating 250 years of Nelson’s Warship



Peter Goodwin

Published by Bloomsbury 19 November, 2015

£8.99 Hardback / £6.99 eBook

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the launch of HMS Victory, the HMS Victory Pocket Manual 1805 is the latest addition to the best-selling Conway pocket-book range features Admiral Nelson’s fully preserved flagship, the most tangible symbol of the Royal Navy’s greatest battle off Cape Trafalgar on October 21st 1805.

Peter Goodwin adopts a fresh approach to explain the workings of the only surviving ‘line of battle’ ship of the Napoleonic Wars, providing a glimpse of what it was like to be engaged in battle and what life and work at sea was like, answering questions such as: ‘What types of wood were used in building Victory?’; ‘What was Victory’s longest voyage?’; ‘How many shots were fired from her guns at Trafalgar?’. It gives a full history of the world’s most famous warship through a highly accessible pocket-book format.

The leading historian of the sailing man of war, Peter Goodwin was technical and historical advisor to HMS Victory in Portsmouth for more than 20 years, and is in a unique position to investigate and interpret not only the ship’s structure but also the essential aspects of shipboard life: victualling, organisation, discipline, domestic arrangements and medical care.

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