Italy Through the Eyes of a Novelist

Italy Through the Eyes of a Novelist

by BigJules

‘One doesn’t come to Italy for niceness, one comes for life.’ I think E M Forster aptly sums up what Italy means for the novelist. It is so rich, so alive, that it’s impossible for an author’s creative juices not to be stimulated by a visit. And of course Italy has the legacy of so many of the world’s great artists and sculptors who were inspired there. One of the most memorable moments I’ve ever experienced was coming into Venice for the first time, one evening in late January. As it was off‑season Kathy and I had the water taxi to ourselves, mist hung low over the lagoon, a whiff of the sea on the air and a dusky violet shimmer to the dawning light. We passed shrouded islands then the majesty of Venice opened up. Neither of us spoke for a long time as we took it in…

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Hamilton & Gallipoli, British Command in an Age of Military Transformation



Allied commanders during WWI have mostly come under heavy criticism in the books written after the event, particularly those written long after the event. This new book is rare in that the author has appreciated just how many changes applied from 1914 and required commanders to relearn military tactics from hard experience. Hamilton’s command in Gallipoli has been re-evaluated against these significant changes and the work done so well by the author could profitably be applied to many other battles, campaigns and leadership through WWI. Highly recommended.

My Escape from Donington Hall



The author holds the distinction that he was the only German POW in either WWI or WWII to make a successful home run escape from the British Isles. As such, this is a unique story and he tells his tale well. The only complaint might be a low level of illustration but as the publisher has a solid reputation for including appropriate illustration in their books, it has to be assumed that there was a lack of suitable material. Most of the illustration included is in the form of clippings from newspapers of the time. A very interesting read and an ideal addition to any library of military history.

The A to Z of London – Open Weekend at London Transport Museum’s Depot, West London


The A to Z of London

Open Weekend at London Transport Museum’s Depot, West London

11:00 to 17:00 on 23 and 24 April 2016

A rare opportunity to see inside London Transport Museum’s Depot in Acton, West London, will take place on 23 and 24 April 2016. Design enthusiasts and family visitors to the Museum’s The A to Z of London Open Weekend will have the chance to look around this working Museum Depot, which holds over 320,000 artefacts from London’s transport history and is usually closed to the public. The event will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Johnston typeface, created by calligrapher Edward Johnston, with themed workshops, tours, talks and family fun.

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