IMPORTANT – FIRE Project forthcoming changes


During the coming weeks a number of changes will be made to the FIRE Project portals that are open to public access. These changes will include some changes to portal addresses and some changes to editorial addresses. We would appreciate it if our readers would make a note or bookmark of This portal will list any new addresses and any deleted addresses. For those of you who send us your news and information, please make a note of our main editorial address which is This email address will always be available. Email address changes will also appear at Some portals may suddenly vanish and reappear in a new form but, during these outages, information will be copied to sister portals

When the FIRE Project began in 1995 it was staffed by volunteers and aimed to provide intelligent news columns and databases with free access for Internet users. It has continued to be staffed by volunteers and continues to provide access free of charge to Internet users.

Over the period from 1995, much has changed in the world and on the Internet. The FIRE Project has evolved and the readership continues to grow. Inevitably the list of tasks to be carried out, to keep our portals running and to build available content, has grown and some tasks have not been fully completed. As we evolved we duplicated some parts of the system and we maintained old addresses so that our first readers never had to change browser settings and we continued to support obsolescent technology. We decided that 2016 would become a housekeeping year where we produced a streamlined information resource and a sound base for future development work.

We added a Twitter feed @Firetrench and this has has provided a number of new opportunities. Together with an increasing mobile readership, our Twitter feed has required some technical changes and we will be further enhancing these access routes

We hope that our readers find the changes helpful and that they speed access to information. We welcome comments from our readers as the changes are made and we will endeavour to make our portals friendly and informative.

We appreciate your patience as these changes are made.

Managing Editor

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