Quisling Cameron to Rely on Big Lies to defraud British Voters


The Special Relationship Cameron has negotiated which will be unique to Britain – even the smallest EUSSR Member States would refuse this humiliation, well maybe not Greece!!


A ‘binding agreement that can be broken after the British Independence Referendum

“Chicken Dave” Cameron is to rely entirely on telling Big Lies as he attempts to defraud the British Voters.



Cameron will be telling these Big Lies:


Major Win for Britain – Reality – President Holland says nothing much was achieved


Sovereignty returned to Britain from Brussels – Reality – No sovereignty has been returned and Cameron has conceded regulation of the critical Services element of the British economy to Brussels. Eurocrats still plan to break up the UK and its component nations in a Balkanization of the ‘Awkward Squad’ Member States and the appointment of Presidents resident in France and Germany.


Safer In – Reality – Europol estimates 5,000 Jihadists heading for Britain, having already entered Germany as ‘refugees’


Out of the EuroReality – Britain has never been in the Euro. Eurocrats continue to say that Britain will be forced to join.


In is a Vote for the ‘Safe’ Status QuoReality – An IN vote is unconditional surrender and a speeding up of EUSSR plans to extinguish the UK. It is the real ‘Leap In The Dark’ and will turn the UK into a series of local authorities with absolutely no control over anything.


An IN vote means ‘security’Reality – It will provide real security for the political elite – bigger pay, bigger pensions, more power and control – never having to live like the ‘Little People’


We are not competent to run our own countryReality – Well we found one thing that’s not a lie, ‘Chicken Dave’ certainly isn’t fit to run a welk stall, much less a country, but its still a deception because he is trying to suggest there is no Briton who is competent. It also has little to do with the referendum vote – This is one for every British election when voters can vote out the useless LibLabConScotsNazi Party and vote in Britons who can run a country successfully without a single fat cat Eurocrat.


The Solution – Vote for Independence, Freedom, Prosperity – Vote to Leave – Go

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