Reach new heights with drones

Transforming the world of photography and videography, drones have provided a new perspective making it cheap and relatively safe to obtain aerial footage. Although aerial photography is certainly nothing new, planes and helicopters are increasingly becoming replaced by light drones with the addition of high-definition cameras. As with most modern technology, there is a vast range of drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) currently on the market; how much you’re prepared to spend will determine the quality of camera on-board, and the flying characteristics of the drone itself.


Sunday’s episode of Blue Planet 2 was a testament to how far drone photography has come with scenes coined as some of ‘the most incredible sights yet’ to be viewed on TV. Watched by over 41% of the television viewing audience (an average of 10.3 million live viewers), the Blue Planet team spent five years documenting the ocean’s untold stories – a task that required them to create and build their own equipment to capture the never seen before shots through the use of drones.


The success of Blue Planet 2 is just one example of how drones can be utilised to capture unique viewpoints, subsquently demonstrating the potential of drone use within film-making and photography. Commenting on the use of drones, Robert Garbett, Founder and CEO of Drone Major Group: “The application of drones in photography and videography is well established and has promulgated into every corner of the industry from professional photography to Hollywood films. The technology behind this industry has also advanced considerably to allow operators to take perfectly smooth footage from long range with extremely high resolution cameras without the need for expensive aircraft or helicopters. Drones have transformed this industry and will continue to take recreational and professional photography, art and cinematography into new realms of possibility.”


Drone Major Group seeks to connect the key players within the global drone revolution, from private operators to manufacturers and everything in between. Central to the business is Drone Major, a portal which facilitates such industry connectivity. The portal provides the much needed information to companies looking to invest in drones for marine conservation, surveying structures, deep sea exploration and much more.