Reflex 1: The first new 35mm SLR camera system for 25 years

  • First newly designed manual 35mm SLR camera released in over 25 years
  • Reimagining analogue photography for the smartphone generation
  • Developed by creative team behind ‘If You Leave’ photographic community
7 November 2017 – Reflex, a modern re-imagining of the classic SLR 35mm film camera, launches today on Kickstarter. Created by an expert team of photographers, designers, and technologists, Reflex is the first update on the manual SLR camera system in over 25 years.

Reflex combines contemporary mechanical and electrical engineering with the classic design and function of an analogue camera, giving people of all levels of experience a new way to enjoy shooting with film – from those wanting to experiment with the format to analogue loyalists.
The idea behind Reflex stems from the belief that analogue photography is timeless and, despite the ubiquity of digital technology and the vast selection of digital cameras on the market, there is something to be cherished about the tangible format of film.
Designed from the ground up, Reflex has three “firsts” to a manual SLR camera; The I-Plate, I-Back and Reflex App. This is what makes Reflex unique and sets it apart from previous systems.
  • Reflex I-Plate(*): An interchangeable lens-mount plate which allows for adaptation of most manual legacy glass such as Nikon (F-mount), Canon (FD), Olympus (OM), Pentax (PK). (*Reflex ships with a standard M42 mount, alternative mounts are optional)
  • Reflex I-Back: A daylight interchangeable back that allows for easy film loading and the choice of having multiple film backs ready and loaded at all times.
  • Reflex App: By combining this classic format with new technology, Reflex aims to bring analogue photography into the 21st century. One of the key technological updates the new system offers is connectivity to users’ smartphones via the Reflex app. The app will automatically record the camera settings for each shot – so photographers can easily revert back to preferred settings for later shots – and sends a push notification to the user, prompting them to make a digital note of the photo they have just taken.
The Reflex I is the first product in an innovative Reflex photographic system and will be followed by a range of accompanying photography products, accessories and technology.
Reflex has been developed by the creative team behind If You Leave, the renowned photography publisher and social community, which has amassed a huge global following since founded by Laurence Von Thomas in 2009. In that time, the team has hosted photographic showcases around the world, published a number of photographic journals and built an Instagram following of over 114,000 people – becoming one of the leading forums for film photographers to gain exposure for their work.
Laurence Von Thomas, founder and CEO of Reflex, said: “Reflex is both building on the past and ensuring the future of analogue photography.”
The Reflex Kickstarter campaign runs through to 8am on 7 December 2017. Reflex will be available to early bird backers for the price of £350, before moving to the standard Kickstarter price of £399. Backers will receive their Reflex camera in August 2018 and, shortly after, the product will go on sale to the mass market.