BookPick: A Summer Selection

BookPick: A Summer Selection

by BigJules

With the warmer months well underway in the Northern Hemisphere one of the great pleasures for me at this time of year is relaxing outdoors with a good book – and perhaps a chilled beverage. I have to say that much of my reading time is taken up with specific research for the current Kydd manuscript I’m working on but during breaks from that I enjoy an eclectic variety of titles over a broad range of historical periods. This BookPick is a selection of six titles I’ve enjoyed recently including a hunt for lost booty, an account of the now-vanished world of the lighthouse keeper, a war correspondent’s memoir, and a recreation of the last moments of the ill-fated Lusitania.

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Ferries Across The Humber, The Story Of The Humber Ferries and the last coal-burning Paddle Steamers In Regular Service In Britain


This delightful book will be read by steam and marine enthusiasts with enthusiasm. The story of the last coal-burning paddle steamers in regular service in Britain is told well and beautifully illustrated in colour. – Highly Recommended

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