A look back in time with the collective Ne Rougissez Pas ! [Shared Projects]

Because tomorrow is invented today: the Société du Grand Paris is intent on involving in the construction sites artists and users, inhabitants and designers, next to the architects and workers. From 2017 to 2019, the collective Ne Rougissez Pas ! was invited to work next to the future train stations of Les Ardoines and Vitry-Centre as part of the “Shared Projects”. This week, we take a look back on their actions with the passers-by and the inhabitants to get a better grasp of the challenges of the construction sites that are in every way out of the ordinary.

The “Shared Projects”: artistic manufactures of communal spaces.
Throughout the construction period, the Société du Grand Paris has turned its sites into spaces of exchange and creation: artistic actions, workshops, installations in the public space, performances, urban strolls, friendly rendezvous are organised all year round next to the construction sites. In dialogue with the local authorities and in connexion with the sites, these events bring the inhabitants and the workers of the territory together in shared actions. Architects, designers, artists, collectives, local non-profit organisations, art and architecture schools, unfold innovating artistic and cultural interventions, akin to the inhabitants’ daily lives, in order to make the Grand Paris Express project a human and citizen story.

After a first season led by multidisciplinary teams, among which the Yes We Camp collective, the artist Malte Martin, Si Architectes and the Parenthèse collective, actions are still undergoing on the territories, in constant dialogue with the local authorities and in connexion with the GPE construction sites. These on-site artistic projects bring together inhabitants and actors of the territory around singular shared actions, allowing a new gaze on the challenges linked to the Grand Paris Express project.

Noise and voices around the Ardoines.

November 2017 > July 2018

Noise and voices next to the future Ardoines train station – 2017-2018 © SGP / Ne Rougissez Pas !
“I started seeing the construction site, but to be honest, you couldn’t see it, because it grows at night.” When you question the passers-by, you soon realise that very few know what is going on behind the construction site fences. On the site of the future Ardoines train station, the collective Ne Rougissez Pas ! used as a starting point an element that is a focus and a characteristic of the site: noise, and what it generates, as much in the modification of behaviour as in the apprehension of a space. We cannot see what is going on exactly, but we can hear, sometimes until it creates discomfort. The collective chose this subject to open the dialogue and get the attention of the passers-by.

The neighbourhood around the future Ardoines train station is very busy but has less inhabitants strictly speaking than passers-by. It is a real challenge for us to get their attention and we have had to adapt ourselves to the rhythms of the public with mobile workshops in the shape of vox pops, quick street interviews. We have played with waiting times, moments of standby in a journey between work and home…
Collective Ne Rougissez Pas !

On site for eight months, the collective put the voices, those of the inhabitants and those of the passers-by, in parallel with this noise to unfold a neighbourhood tale that is also a working tale. Using the territory’s archives and combining history and imagination with the passers-by, they revealed the territory’s transformations of yesterday and today. More largely with graphic design and design of urban furniture, Ne Rougissez Pas ! shed light on voices and messages that are not necessarily visible on a daily basis.

With the guiding principle of “Train-train extraordinaire” [extraordinary routine] the idea is to create porosity between the passers-by, the train station users and the workers, and through our techniques and savoir-faire create a common language for both.
Collective Ne Rougissez Pas !


With onomatopoeias covering the construction site fences to raise questions, Ne Rougissez Pas ! was able to create signage using sensorial reading. Playing with the imagination of the construction site, that some like to see as an amusement park, they have developed a poster edition retracing the communication between the site and the train station. With regular work sessions and adopting the fluorescent colours of the building companies, the collective introduced ways in which to hear oneself amongst the noise.

The Z Line will run via Vitry Centre.

April 2019 > February 2020

Preview of the manifesto and the graphic creations given to the participants of the Z Line project © SGP / Ne Rougissez Pas !
For six months in 2019, the future Vitry-Centre train station and its surroundings were the investigation and research area for the collective. They developed ideas and followed leads to establish with the social centre Les Portes du Midi, the non-profit organisation Solidarité Internationale and the festival Mur/Murs a thought process around this site undergoing transformation and its effects on the city. Some inhabitants of Vitry became creators of words, images and sounds, on the occasion of a series of workshops, all of them participated in their own way in the fabrication of the city.

Vitry-Centre is in the middle of its metamorphosis; new train stations, new forms of circulation, new spaces, new connections. The city is brimming with transformations that accompany the departures and arrivals of its inhabitants. The Z Line explores these movements, it creates networks, amplifies connexions but it also sometimes stumbles over obstacles and marks extra stops.
Collective Ne Rougissez Pas !

By imagining a Z Line, Ne Rougissez Pas ! looked to create a network between the inhabitants that goes beyond the question of transportation. Each of the stops is equivalent to a notion that is able to open discussion: Memory, Destruction, Collective, Departure, Circulation. Each of these key notions comes from the themes of the stop, from popular expressions around train stations, from intersections. The choice of these lexical fields allows the participants to express themselves directly on a definition that is intrinsically connected to the construction site, but distant enough to create poetic space.

We collected through the different themes snippets of voices that we filmed and composed and that show a past, present and future Vitry. By proposing a card game with the social centre Les Portes du Midi, we also called upon an imagination that can bear a communal thought.
Collective Ne Rougissez Pas !

Through a video and different paper objects like a card game, journals and a manifesto, Ne Rougissez Pas ! gradually retraced its approach and its encounters in Vitry. Everything that was said and shared has been put in the envelopes sent to each of the project’s participants, but also stored in the Vitry multimedia library. These new archives tell the story of the Grand Paris and still remain available for consultation.
The Manifesto created by Ne Rougissez Pas ! with the inhabitants of Vitry-sur-Seine can be consulted: HERE

The Z Line: a journey in video.
Screenshot of the film Z Line – 2019 © SGP / Ne Rougissez Pas !
The film Z Line, directed by Ne Rougissez Pas !, bringing together different voices of Vitry-Centre’s inhabitants, can be found: ICI
Ne Rougissez Pas ! [presentation]
The collective next to the future Ardoines train station © SGP / Ne Rougissez pas !
“Construction site” aren’t words to be taken lightly for Ne Rougissez Pas ! who has turned it into its leitmotif. The collective is based on a constantly moving practice, whose invention stems from two principles: a combination of artistic savoir-faire serving an implicative and political creation. Using manual tools and workshops, put at the disposal of partner structures or in the public space, the collective places the citizen at the heart of its approach, in order to think of ways of living together. They wish to experiment and create with others, as part of the collective as well as in the heart of the city, to define how to position a shared dream within an individual reality.


Ne Rougissez Pas ! is made up of graphic designers and silkscreen printers, video artists, cinematographers and illustrators with Julia Chantel, Colette Ducamp, Léa Chantel, Maryam Douari, Florent Alexandre, Marion Poujade, Kim Reed, Lola Caillé, Sarah Medalel and Jean-Baptiste Pigneur.



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Grand Paris Express


The Grand Paris Express, the future automatic metro of the Grand Paris is approximately 200 km long with 68 train stations and is the largest project of urban planning in Europe. Mainly as a ring-road around Paris, 80% of the Grand Paris Express train stations will be interconnected with the existing transportation networks, to namely enable the servicing of the Greater Paris. The Société du Grand Paris is the public establishment
created by the State to supervise the Grand Paris Express project. From the launch of the first construction sites up until the complete implementation
of the network planned in 2030, the artistic and cultural programming of the Grand Paris Express – whose artistic direction is led by José-Manuel Gonçalvès with the help of Manifesto, the Eva Albarran & Co agency and the CENTQUATRE-PARIS – has been accompanying the construction of the metro by associating the territories and its inhabitants, offering a new space for creation to artists and participating in the urban insertion of the sites undergoing work.


Web site

Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express


The Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express was created to enable private actors to support an ambitious artistic and cultural programme. These 200 km of new metro lines will also allow culture to travel, taking it
further and making it move all around. Art and culture participate in the construction of the Grand Paris, we believe in their complementary roles when it is a question of experimenting, innovating and bringing movement to what is static. Getting involved in the cultural programme of the future metro is also a way of giving substance to the new Paris and inviting the inhabitants of the Grand Paris to discover it. In this way, thanks to artistic creation, the Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express is contributing to the success of the Grand Paris project and allowing one of its greatest goals to be fulfilled, to give France a new image, an
image of a country of social, technological and cultural innovation.


More information on the Endowment Fund and to become a programme patron or volunteer: HERE

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