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Inspired by family sagas, the author follows two young warriors forged in battle. The family saga was handed down through the generations as a private record and, in recent years, archaeology has been proving new insights that support the family saga version of history. – Very Highly Recommended.

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Books for Santa’s Sack 2020

Books for Santa’s Sack 2020

by BigJules

I’m a bit of a bah humbug creature when it comes to the commercialisation of Christmas – but there’s one thing that I fervently believe: a book is a present that, if well chosen for the recipient, will give hours of entertainment and enlightenment – and be a lasting reminder in itself of someone putting thought, not just money, into a Yuletide gift. So do consider adding one or more of these fine books – all with a maritime or military connection – to your gift-buying list. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone in this somewhat eclectic selection.


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The Revolts of Eunus & Salvius, 136-132 & 105-100 BC, Rome’s Sicilian Slave Wars

Marxists may recently have been attempting to use more recent slavery for political advantage, but slavery is as ancient as humans and even though Britain did so much at such great national cost in the early 19th Century to abolish slavery, it is still a curse of the world and an essential part of Islam. The Romans depended very heavily on the use of slaves. They were a commodity, and engine of expansion and, although some were treated very well and freed, a great many were not. Very Highly Recommended

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Battle of Britain 1940, The Finest Hour’s Human Cost

The author has been building a formidable and acclaimed portfolio of WWII aviation history and this volume addresses the human cost. The Battle of Britain halted the German expansion, but it did so much more, it defeated Germany because the German plan for World Domination depended on a very fast victory before British and American industry could out produce that of Germany. Most Highly Recommended

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Total Undersea War, The Evolutionary Role Of The Snorkel In Donitz’s U-Boat Fleet 1944-1945

This is a very important book, aiding the understanding of how U-Boats evolved into submarines, most WWII U-Boats really being submersible torpedo boats. The term ‘submarine’ has been misused since the first primitive submersible vessels. The snorkel offered the opportunity for a submarine to remain underwater from the start of the voyage to the return to home port. Purists will say that snorkel equipped U-Boats were still not real submarines but, in tactical terms, the snorkel made the submarine. Most Highly Recommended

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