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Tuesday, 28th September, 2021
Buddy Bing! That was the headline in this week’s Sunday Mail, which featured an interview with Denzil Meyrick about the Paisley setting for “gangland you can get a laugh at” in his new novel Terms of Restitution.

While Denise Mina took a reflective look at Kelvingrove Park for the Herald. |[Herald]

The Sunday Times says she tells the famous tale of Rizzio with ‘great panache… a touch of noir and a blackly comic edge’. [Sunday Times, £]

Alexander McCall Smith had a genial Saturday coffee-time chat with Hugo Rifkind on Times Radio, talking Botswana and the continuing Scotsman serialisation of 44 Scotland Street. Catch up here.

Mara Menzies, whose Blood and Gold is out next month spoke with the Sunday Post about her dual Kenyan and Scottish heritage and how stories can spark honest conversations about racism.

On Thursday 30 September we have a multitude of events at the Wigtown Book Festival, online, and further afield: at Wigtown you can catch Mara Menzies and Rosemary Goring will be giving the annual Magnusson Lecture on ‘The Afterlife of Mary Queen of Scots’.

While, that same day, Alexander McCall Smith is appearing online for Shoreham Book Festival

…and Jim Sillars will be discussing his autobiography A Difference of Opinion at Topping & Company in Edinburgh. Book now, for Thursday 30 September.

On Friday at Wigtown Denise Mina is on stage with Rizzio and Malachy Tallack and Linden Bicket will be celebrating the Centenary of George Mackay Brown. |[Wigtown]

On 30 September 1938 Neville Chamberlain uttered the infamous words, ‘Peace for our time’ and sealed his fate as a dupe of history. Until now, that is: Walter Reid’s Neville Chamberlain: The Passionate Radical offers a reappraisal of his life, politics and premiership. Read an extract here.

If watching BBC drama series North Water piqued your curiosity about the world of arctic whaling, we recommend Newfoundland author Chesley Sanger’s Scottish Arctic Whaling as the definitive book on the subject. Brrrrr (and brill).

To warm those cockles, Sue Lawrence’s pocket-sized Scottish Soup Bible is packed with quick recipes. Our recipe of the week is Mushroom Soup.

Go forth and forage!
Team Birlinn