The Last Year of the Luftwaffe, May 1944 – May 1945


The brief career of the Nazi Luftwaffe ran from the Spanish Civil War to the apex of power, with the victory in the Battle for France, the check, by the Battle of Britain and the increasingly fast slide to defeat. In 1944 the promise of new wonder weapons lay against the reality of losing air superiority in the skies over the Homeland and the similar defeat on the Eastern Front . – Highly Recommended.

Regency Spies, Secret Histories of Britain’s Rebels & Revolutionaries


The author is building an impressive portfolio of social history books and this is a very interesting addition to her list. The period from the 1790s to the early 1800s was a particularly dangerous period for British society. The French were a natural threat, but there were also many other revolutionary concepts developing. – Highly Recommended.

The Yompers, with 45 Commando in the Falklands War


The Falklands Task Force carried the Marine Commando, the Parachute Regiment, the SBS and the SAS 8,000 miles, together with other British Army units to give the Argentine bandits a thorough thrashing. This is a fabulous, moving, entertaining, thoughtful, emotional read and reminder that other countries still under estimate Great Britain to their cost. – Most Highly Recommended.

The British Carrier Strike Fleet After 1945


The author followed a career in the Fleet Air Arm with a stint as curator at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, before becoming a successful author of naval aviation histories. This is a comprehensive study of the bitter sweet post WWII history of British naval aviation and will become a standard reference for its subject. – Most Highly Recommended.

GI The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment, Distant Thunder, The US Artillery from the Spanish American War to the end of the 20th century


This popular pictorial history series was originally published by Greenhill Books. The strength of this series lies in the selections of rare and interesting images. Text is limited, concise and mainly restricted to captions and extended captions. – Highly Recommended.

Bookpick: Something old, something new…

Bookpick: Something old, something new…

by BigJules

This selection spans two centuries – from the Napoleonic wars to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the shipwreck site of Scapa Flow. It includes two classics, recently reprinted, and brand new publications. Whether it’s an addition to your library or just a good holiday read, I hope there’s something for everyone in this special selection.

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Send More Shrouds, The V1 Attack on the Guards’ Chapel 1944


Grateful for the sub-title that makes clear this has nothing to do with shroud waving Comrade Corbyn cynically jumping on any passing bandwagon. At the point of the war where the Allies could scent victory over Germany, the V1 began arriving over London. This is a graphic account of the most deadly V1 attack of WWII. Aerial bombing is never a pretty sight, but the use of crude unmanned flying bombs removes all pretence of deliberately targeting military sites. – Highly Recommended.