The Littorio Class, Italy’s Last and Largest Battleships 1939-1948


The three Littorio Class battleships completed were the last to be built by Italy and some of the most powerful of Europe’s capital ships. This new book provides one of the most complete monographs on a single battleship class, supported by some 300 photographs and 150 fine-line plans. – Most Highly Recommended

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Che Guevara


Che Guevara became an icon of the 1960s and 1970s, darling of the Marxists and those who just wanted to be seen as radicals and rebels. This new book provides a comprehensive study of the subject in crisp text, supported by a fine collection of photographs, many of which are rare and not previously published together. – Highly Recommended

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Preserving threatened documentary heritage around the world: £9 million grant awarded to continue British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme

  • Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) has supported digitisation of endangered heritage collections in 90 countries  
  • Second major grant of £9 million to fund EAP for next seven years
  • Free exhibition to showcase digitisation work supported by the EAP
  • Beyond Timbuktu: Preserving the Manuscripts of Djenné, Mali (Second Floor Gallery, British Library, 28 September 2018 – 6 January 2019)

An international programme dedicated to preserving archival material in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration, has been awarded a £9 million grant to fund its continuing work, across a diverse range of projects worldwide, for the next seven years.

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