At Close Quarters, An Illustrated History of the US Navy in the Vietnam War

The US involvement in Indo-China is often viewed as a disaster and the main focus has been on the US Army and US Marines ashore. This book provides a comprehensive review of the significant US Navy involvement, supported by a fantastic selection of excellent images – Most Highly Recommended.

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Always At War, Organizational Culture in Strategic Air Command, 1946-62

Other authors have covered aspects of SAC, its people and equipment but this is the first book to provide a comprehensive review of the establishment of SAC and its evolution through the Cold War. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of SAC in the winning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union – Strongly Recommended.

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Stockwin Titles: What’s Out When (updated)

Stockwin Titles: What’s Out When (updated)

by BigJules

IberianFlameHB_packshot2018 is shaping up to be a busy publishing year for me. As well as two new Kydd titles, The Iberian Flame and A Sea of Gold in hardback, there are two paperbacks of previous titles coming out. As usual, all the books will also be available in ebook and audiobook. So here are the publications dates for this year

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Burning Planet, The Story of Fire Through Time


The author has provided a fascinating history of fire, its impact on the planet and its life forms. Fire is a greatly under estimated phenomena. It has an enormous impact on the environment and the development of everything that lives in that environment. Its impact is at least an equal to water, ice, plate tectonics, weather patterns and atmosphere – Highly Recommended.

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