SkyBOOKS cutting edge technology brings powerful new features to Electronic Document Storage


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. August 15, 2011) – SkyBOOKS, Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, and affiliate of Bell Helicopter, has issued Release of its Electronic Record Keeping Program.



Firetrench Directory

SkyBOOKS latest release significantly upgrades existing document functionality and ease of use. The new Document Vault resides within the SkyBOOKS program and automatically archives attached documents to a structured file program, providing document search functionality and allowing document quick previews.


The new document vault allows users to directly upload 3GB of records at one time. Additionally, users can customize new folders, cut, paste, and organize documents to meet their specific needs. To make accessing your information quick and easy, searchable tags can be added to any document. Information such as part number, serial number, component name or document type are just a few examples of how customers can further organize critical data. An audit trail has been added to show who and when documents were uploaded, modified or moved within the document vault.


“SkyBOOKS uses the latest Microsoft tools to build leading edge software making the program reliable and easy to use,” said John Willis, SkyBOOKS Chief Operating Officer. “This new integration is just another example of how we continually strive to improve our customers’ experience.”


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