Giampaolo Seguso Exhibition

Giampaolo Seguso Private View Invitation


GIAMPAOLO SEGUSO: Fire becomes eternity, light is clothed in Art
19 October – 21 November 2012
Private View 18 October

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Moor House is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Venetian artist Giampaolo Seguso. Fire
becomes eternity, light is clothed in Art will run 19 October – 21 November 2012 at Moor House,
London Wall.
Artist and poet, Giampaolo Seguso comes from a historic line of master glassmakers, who have for
22 generations and over 600 years created unique designs on the island of Murano, Venice. This
exhibition features a series of 15 artworks by Giampaolo, crafted using the filigree technique and
inscribed with his very own works of poetry.
Giampaolo Seguso’s artistic philosophy combines two art forms – poetry and glass – manipulating
one, the object, into a sheet of paper in which the other is enclosed.
The exhibition title offers a clue into the furnace, the artist’s studio and the cradle of that very fire
which ultimately becomes, through the visual and verbal, both Art and Eternity. In the creativity of
the blow and the movement – the gestures and the techniques – and the knowledge of 600 years,
poetry and visual art combine and become one. For the artist, his page is glass.
This exhibition is a culmination of 6 centuries of technical evolution and a demonstration of the
constant development of the art through the generations. Combining aural poetics with the
translucence of the material, the show presents the artworks as manifestations of Venice itself:
magical, sensual, light and fragile, yet solid and rich with history.
Taking for its title the closing lines of the artist’s poem “My Island”, from his anthology My Page is
Glass, the exhibition becomes explicative of Venice herself: from the island of Murano and its rich
heritage to the its emotive aspects of the environment.
When I sink
into the transparency
of daily life
observing my people
who, with ancient gestures
create magic with molten fire,
the rapture of history
perfumesmy heart.
I no longer feel fatigued
nor be labored
and I add,
moment by moment,
and emotions.
Smoke writes our passing,
fire becomes eternity,
light is clothed in Art.
“La Mia Isola”, My Page is Glass, Giampaolo Seguso
The exhibition features works from The Gallery of 99 by Giampaolo Seguso, a collection of three
small volumes, each referencing 33 works – and with each produced in 99 numbered specimens.
The Gallery of 99 was triggered largely by the artist’s participation in an exhibition dedicated to
Dante’s Divine Comedies, inspiring a recollection of early school years hearing his Italian literature
teacher recite the 33 Canti of each of the three Canticas. Ultimately, this inspiration, together with his
desire to further his work in evolving the filigree technique, culminated to publish three volumes
(“L’Incalmo”, “La Ragnatela” and “I Sogni”) exploring the Muranese technique, combining history,
passion and creativity with the challenge of the new.
The exhibition will also feature previously archived photographs taken from within the historic
Seguso furnaces, as well as works from the wider Seguso collections

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