BEAUTIFUL. EASY. FAIR Mobile music, made easy – launch the must have music app for 2013

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Music on the move gets a shake-up this year with the launch of – a game-changing new mobile service that combines free radio stations, on-demand streaming and music discovery with unique ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ subscriptions.

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* A free app with a library of over 16 million tracks, legally licensed from leading major and independent record labels.
* Enjoy your favourite music with over 150 free genre based radio stations, covering all tastes from Pop to Metal, and free ‘related artist’ radios.
* A unique ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ system with flexible bolt-on subscriptions that let users download and store music on their phone to play whenever and wherever they want, on and offline.
* Intuitive and stuffed with beautiful design touches that make it a joy to use. Apple fans will especially appreciate the nod to the classic iPod scroller in’s Radio Wheel.
* A trademarked discovery interface with a clever algorithm effortlessly introduces you to artists you’ll love.
* No fuss – borrow albums with one tap. Your library is automatically organized and you can create your own playlists.
* Seamlessly integrates with your existing iTunes library, keeping all your music in one place and making it easy to find more of the music you like.
* Easily share what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter or send tracks directly to users by email, GPS and QR code.
*’s tiered subscription model has a package to suit every kind of music lover. There’s a free entry-level radio-orientated option and ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ subscriptions start at just £1 per month, with the freedom to upgrade to borrow more music or stream music on-demand. can be download here:

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