EuroCrash! at Ambassadors Theatre London for one night only


EuroCrash! the Musical, a hit at UKIP’s Birmingham conference, is to play for one night only at The Ambassadors Theatre, London, on February 19.


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EuroCrash! has had amazing success with audiences in London, Berlin and Frankfurt.

It is a drama about the rise and fall of the euro, wrapped in the fairy-tale of Hansel & Gretel – entertaining, thought-provoking, and as weird as Alice in Wonderland.

Meet Mark and Gilda, the Hansel & Gretel of Euroland, Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterand who run the European Currency School, the Snake, the PIIGS, paying for past profligacy, the Rating Agencies, the wild currencies of eastern Europe and the mighty Bundesbank.

Special guest appearances by Angela Merkel, David Cameron and François Hollande.

Tuesday February 19, 8pm
Tickets £20 or £25 Box office: 08448 112 334
Tickets online at:
More information at

All this gives us something between Gilbert & Sullivan and Berthold Brecht, with hard-hitting lyrics and great songs – all original.

The words were written by David Shirreff, a writer on European business and finance for The Economist. The music is by Russell Sarre, an Australian composer. They collaborated on an earlier musical Broke Britannia! which played at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010.

EuroCrash is a thoroughly gripping show of about 75 minutes from which all, euro-savvy experts and laymen alike, generally emerge amused and perhaps trifle wiser about the biggest issue facing Europe, yes even us in Britain.

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