Wave your hand(held)s in the air: eJay is back and heading to touchscreen devices

ejaydemo 01

Original eJay creators join forces with Wired Productions to crowdfund new eJay designed specifically for iOS and Android
Watford, UK: March 26th, 2013 – The music software that inspired a generation will make its debut on iOS and Android touchscreens this year, if a new Kickstarter campaign is successful.

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eJay Pure is a collaboration between independent developer Wired Productions and the original creators Helmut Schmitz and Bernhard Throll, designed specifically for touchscreen devices.

In 1996, the original eJay empowered PC users to create their own original music tracks from a vast selection of samples, beats, riffs and effects. The simple drag and drop interface allowed users to concentrate on their compositions rather than wrestle with a complicated interface – and resulted in spectacular tunes which could easily be compared to commercial releases.

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