Cybotanics iTagua and iBean digital music players from the Amazon rainforest launch


The World’s first ‘lossless’ digital audio music players housed inside natural and sustainable Amazonian beans and nuts from Colombia launches on Kickstarter today. The venture provides a new income stream to Colombia’s indigenous population and raises funds for major Colombian charity, Natura Foundation. From inside the pod comes…iBean and iTagua, precision-manufactured and crafted digital marvels, made in South America.

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29 July 2013, The iBean and iTagua, the world’s very first digital audio music players, designed using sustainably gathered, whole natural botanical casings from the Amazon Rainforest, are launched on Kickstarter, the funding platform for creative products by London-based Cybotanics Ltd. in just one week. They are the first in a series of products within the company’s portfolio that will be launched over the next year. The first two products are manufactured in Seoul, Korea with final assembly in Bogota, Colombia.

“No two products are alike, each and every iBean and iTagua digital music player is a natural botanical wonder, skillfully fused with a cutting edge digital audio heart. Every single product is an individual work of art sculpted by nature.” Says Jim Campbell, Managing Director of Cybotanics Ltd. Cybotanics is the first company worldwide, ever to do this without using any modern plastics or metals for the main fabric of their range of consumer products. They have taken the direct opposite approach to existing mass produced consumer electronic products and the incredibly tactile, hand finished players are ethically sourced and assembled in Colombia providing new opportunities and revenue stream from materials readily available in tropical South America.

Each 2GB or 4GB music player is a meticulously crafted and engineered digital audio device that delivers ‘lossless’, CD quality music at a much higher bit-rate than conventional music players, all housed in a naturally beautiful and truly original form. Lossless compression reduces a file’s size with no loss of quality. Digital ‘APE’ is a form of lossless compression.

Here is our launch video

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