Sci-Fi Thriller Outpost 11 makes its UK premiere at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival on Friday

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Future Masters of Technology in association with Megatopia Films

A Sci-Fi Thriller written and directed by Anthony Woodley,
starring Billy Clarke, Luke Healy, Joshua Mayes-Cooper,
Bernard Hill and Graham Till

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The film then gets its DVD release on Monday 30 September.

Through their company, Megatopia Films, Woodley and Healy are well into pre-production for their second feature ‘Artificial Horizon’, which will start principle photography in late October.

The London Film Review suggests that ‘From the opening credits you can tell you are in for something a bit special with Outpost 11’ and advises to get ready for ‘this slow-burning surreal horror/thriller in which three soldiers manning a distant outpost find themselves dragged into an increasingly warped tale’.

Production Notes and Press Clippings

Synopsis Long:
The year is 1955 and the second 100-year war rages on. The British legions have been locked in battle with the Prussian war machine, only to create a brittle stalemate that has lasted for decades. Deep in the Arctic Circle, and far from the front line, a remote British outpost intercepts enemy transmissions and works on forbidden science to help win the war. The post is manned by three British soldiers – Mason, Albert and Graham.

Mason, the commanding officer, spends most of his time outside hunting and has been in the outpost for five years. Albert is the youngest of the three and the lowest rank. He has been drafted into the army and has been stationed there for two years. He has a wife back home and is a mild character who simply wants to keep his head down and ‘do his time’. Graham, on the other hand, is a disagreeable character. He is the oldest and the middle-ranked officer. He takes great pleasure in making Albert’s life a misery. Unknown to Albert, Graham is a ‘supersoldier’ who has grown old and can never go home.

Our story starts with Mason hunting a rabbit in the snow. He takes his shot and kills the rabbit, only for it to explode when he goes to retrieve its body. Mason is blown to the ground, looking like he has been killed.

We move to the outpost where Albert’s daily routine of intercepting enemy transmissions is disturbed when the warning light goes off unexpectedly. On closer inspection, the three dismiss it as an electrical fault and carry on with their daily routines. Graham becomes annoyed with Albert and sends him to check the levels in the engine room, knowing Albert hates it in there. The outpost is powered by the Omega engine, a scary looking device that pulls energy from the gaps between dimensions. Albert is uncomfortable around the machine; it makes noises like it’s alive.

Mason returns from a hunting trip to find that Graham has sent Albert to the engine room. This displeases Mason and he ‘rescues’ Albert and asks him to start cooking dinner. Graham notices a strange lump growing on his hand. They all eat dinner together in silence.

Mason shares a drink with Graham and orders him not to bully Albert any more, and Graham reluctantly agrees. Later that night things start to get weird as the warning light continues to flash. Albert has a nightmare about the Omega engine and Graham hears things in the static.

That morning Albert receives a message from HQ. It’s coded and Graham is left to decipher it. When Graham learns that the message is telling them that the war has been lost, he decides to change the message and tells the others everything is all right. Albert watches him do this.

That night we see the Omega engine liquid turn from red to yellow. Graham cuts out the lump on his hand, it’s a small egg. He puts it on his desk.

Albert brings the fake message to Mason’s attention. After tricking Graham, Albert and Mason find out the true meaning of the message. Graham sabotages the computer so they can’t contact the outside world. That night things get weirder, we see spiders acting strange in the Operations Room and Graham keeps Albert awake all night masturbating.

The next day Mason decides to trek to Outpost 10 to get help, leaving Albert alone with Graham.

Graham is now starting to go quite mad – the ball he cut out of his hand appears to be growing like an egg. Albert desperately tries to stay on the right side of Graham, but unfortunately succeeds only in aggravating him more. Graham takes his rage out on Albert and forces him to rehydrate the Omega core. This dangerous task goes horribly wrong and Albert is left blind.

Mason battles through the arctic conditions, eventually finding Outpost 10. On arrival he learns that their warning light had also been triggered and that they were under attack from psychotropic weapons that had caused them to go mad and kill each other. We learn that the engine is the catalyst for the weapon. Mason rushes back to try and warn the other two.

By this point Graham has gone completely mad and thinks a giant spider is outside, and he rushes out to fight it. Mason returns only to be shot by blind Albert. Mason tells Albert to turn off the core and the madness will stop. Graham returns and Mason imagines he has a giant spider head and kills himself out of fear. Albert tries to overload the core and has a showdown with Graham in the engine room and the outpost is destroyed.

Synopsis Short:
Set in an alternative past where steam power still rules the world, Outpost 11 is the story of three soldiers manning a remote listening post in the Arctic Circle. One day the warning light goes off unexpectedly and their world is plunged in to chaos. Albert, Mason and Graham must fight the isolation, madness and arctic spiders to survive. Think ‘The Thing’ plus ‘How I Ended this Summer’ mixed with ‘Videodrome’.

25-word synopsis:
Deep in the Arctic Circle, three soldiers man a remote outpost. When a warning light goes off their world is plunged in to spiraling madness.

Cast Biographies:
Billy Clarke (Graham) – With 30 years’ acting experience in radio, television, film and theatre, Billy is a season veteran of the acting world. His career started with him playing Len in Saved at the Lyric Studio in his native Belfast. He soon moved to London in the early eighties, where he has been based ever since. Billy has credits on Hunger (2008), Omagh (2004) and The Devil’s Business (2011).

Luke Healy (Mason) – Luke trained as an actor at LAMDA, and over the last 15 years has worked extensively in theatre, film and TV. Since returning from spending a couple of years living and working in LA, he has started producing films as well as acting in them.

Joshua Mayes-Cooper (Albert) – Joshua is a talented up-and-coming actor who graduated from LAMDA in 2011. Since then he has worked regularly in TV and film, starting his career working on Silk for the BBC. He has amounted further credits including Holby City and feature film Effie written by Emma Thompson, to be released later in 2013.

Bernard Hill (Cranleigh) – Bernard Hill is a legend of the acting world with credits on Titanic (1997), Lord of the Rings (2003) and Valkyrie (2008).

Crew Biographies:
Anthony Woodley (Director) – Anthony is a keen up-and-coming director with an eye for the design side of film. His original training was as an Art Director. His film Love Inc, won best screenplay at Sheffield No-Limits Film Festival, and has also won at the South Regional Royal Television Society Awards as well as being nominated for the National Awards alongside just two other films in the entire country.

Mike Woodley (Executive Producer) – Mike Woodley has had over thirty years’ experience in the industry, specializing in aviation and aerial coordination. Some of his credits include Inception, Casino Royale, Valkyrie, Band of Brothers, Memphis Belle, amongst many more. In recent years he has turned his attention to Executive Producing micro-budget features with producer credits on Panic Button and Airborne. Mike is no stranger to the industry and without his many contacts, this project, with its micro-feature budget, would not have been able to achieve such a high standard.

Stefan Mitchell (Director of Photography) – Stefan has worked both in documentary and drama allowing his skills of camera work to bridge between the two. Well-versed in digital media and some of the old tricks of the trade, Stefan has been able to bring believable environments to the screen. Stefan recently received the national Royal Television Society award for best student documentary, which he worked on with Britain’s young soldiers.

Mike Pike (Editor) – Mike has edited over 30 projects and shorts in the past four years in a variety of genres such as music videos, promo/commercials and documentaries. He is currently editing his second feature film. Like the rest of the Love Inc. crew, Mike won best drama at the RTS Southern Awards and has been nominated at the RTS national awards.

Notes: The film interiors / sets where shot above the Top Gear studio at Dunsfold Park Surrey.
The film had help from SFX legends Neil Corbould and Digby Milner.
Bernard Hill was original intended to more involved but due to other work commitments this was unfortunately not able to be so.
There will be a press screening on Friday 27 September at 5.45pm followed by a Q&A at Vue Cinema Piccadilly (Apollo).

DVD release of Outpost 11 is on Monday 30 September
Information on the next film, Artificial Horizon

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