Musicmetric’s powerful new features make it easier to locate fans, automatically identify trends and discover artists

Musicmetric Insights

Tools to discover future hit makers, locate fans via Twitter and automatically analyse performance are at the heart of a features overhaul being unveiled for Musicmetric at the Midem music conference.



Semetric, which owns Musicmetric, will unveil a new product Musicmetric Explore as well as a host of powerful enhancements to the Musicmetric range of products.

With Musicmetric Explore, users such as radio programmers, A&R executives, and concert promoters can access a widescreen overview of any sector of the market. Users can then filter selections through an array of criteria, such as genre, location or performance across a specific social media channel.

Musicmetric Explore could become essential for helping brands and agencies who are looking to find the artists best suited to their products.

Additions to the Musicmetric range include Musicmetric Insights and a suite of enhancements based around Twitter activity.

Musicmetric Insights will save time by automatically analyzing performances across billions of fan interactions to produce at-a-glance graphs and summaries.

This will enable easy analysis of how successful new releases or campaigns have been and reveal the locations and media channels that have been impacted upon.

Twitter mentions and geo-tagging information will be integrated into artist pages to improve real-time fan location analysis for Musicmetric customers. It enhances what is already the only integrated analysis tool that tracks peer-to-peer Bit Torrent music downloads.

The new features follow an intense 12-month period of development following Semetric’s successful second-round of financing last January.

Gregory Mead, CEO and co-founder of Semetric, emphasized the usability and cost-effectiveness that the new Musicmetric tools will deliver.

“These exciting new features are the result of an intense development and investment that comes alongside a number of major new, global clients,” he said.

“We’re delighted to be able to put powerful auto analysis tools into people’s hands. The Explore product being unveiled at MIDEM will further expand the usability of Musicmetric to brands, marketers, touring and radio executives looking to identify the market beating artists to make better informed and ultimately cost saving decisions.”

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