Welsh Oak Frame supports a welcome boost for self-builders

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This week, Chancellor George Osbourne announced plans to make it easier for those who want to build their own homes by confirming that the government proposes a Right to Build, which will force councils to supply self builders and custom builders with plots of land if they ask for it.




He also announced the government will be extending a long-standing ‘revolving fund’ to help enable developers turn land into serviced plots (the fund will now stand at £150m and will help provide 10,000 serviced plots) and that they are looking to extend the already successful ‘Help to Buy’ scheme for self builders.

Welsh Oak Frame’s General Manager, Mark Jones, said of the Chancellor’s plans: “People want to build their own homes because they wish to create something beautiful and unique. They want to live somewhere that’s personal and special to them: rather than in a home that’s a carbon copy of the neighbour’s house, but sadly the trend for self-build homes has been on the decline. We are so used to seeing rows of houses that all look the same, so any Government initiative that seeks to change this is welcome and good for the aesthetics of the landscape.

“Channelling funds into creating serviced plots that are ready for self-builders to use is ideal, as this will put in place the infrastructure; removing a difficult part of the process and getting things started for self-builders. Often it’s the initial stage that can prove the most troublesome, as you have to consider important factors such as the sewerage, water and electricity systems. Many first-time self-builders may not have considered the possible hiccups that could occur at this stage, so by offering these ‘ready-made’ serviced plots, the Government will certainly make the whole self-building process easier.

“At Welsh Oak Frame, we believe that self-builders should be nurtured for their courage and creativity, and this announcement is certainly a step in the right direction towards that.”

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