Forthcoming Book Great Passenger Ships: 1920-1930′


Great Passenger Ships:
William H. Miller
To be published 1st May 2014, £19.99 Paperback Original
Sail the iron giants of the post-First
World War shipping industry

After the fall of Germany in the First World War the shipping industry faced an uncertain future. The passenger ships that
had been stripped and renovated for the war had to make way for a fresh range of grand liners and ships.
William H. Miller’s Great Passenger Ships: 1920-1930 explores this decade of shipping using a range of research, anecdotes
and images carefully sourced by an expert in his field. The book covers all of the key lines, vessels and individuals who
contributed to the post-war episode of the shipping trade.
 The book celebrates the golden era of shipping featuring famed vessels from lines such as White Star, P&O, Orient
Line, Union Steamship Company and Furness-Bermuda Line
 Features favourite ships including Berengaria, Majestic and Olympic alongside a range of smaller ships
 Illustrated using previously unpublished photographs from a rare private collection—including a stunning colour
The author William H. Miller has written over 80 books on passenger ships and he is an acknowledged world expert in his
field. He has received the National Maritime History Award in the US, the Silver Riband Award, and he created the
passenger Ships Database for the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. He has appeared in numerous documentaries and news
broadcasts and he is a frequent guest lecturer aboard cruise ships. He lives in New Jersey and has previous written Great
British Passenger Ships, RMS Caronia and Under the Red Ensign, amongst many others, for The History Press.