Book Review: Bomber Harris, Sir Arthur Harris’ Despatch on War Operations, 1942-1945



The author was the commander tasked with creating a strategic bombing campaign against 
Germany in conjunction with the USAAF's 8th Air Force. By tasking the USAAF with 
daylight bombing and using the RAF bomber fleet at night, the Allies were able to maintain 
24 x 7 bombing of German targets, giving production facilities and defence units no respite, 
save for when weather conditions prevented the bombers from operating. Never before had 
any country been able to staged this level of intensive aerial bombardment as a strategic 
campaign. It became controversial because Hitler's propaganda minister was able to create 
the fiction that bombing, particularly of Desden, was a war crime, when in reality Desden 
was a major communications centre vital to the German defence against the Russian advance, 
therefore a legitimate target.