Book Review: Gordon Welchman, Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence


There are two stories. The first story, and the most covered, is directly about the immense contribution 
Bletchley made to the achievement of victory and to the significant shortening of WWII. That story 
in its own right is both completely absorbing and vital to understanding key parts of WWII. The 
second story is perhaps even more essential reading. Welchman was heavily involved in the 
development of technology that made the digital age possible. Bletchley Park is the true home of 
the electronic digital information processor. Without that work, there might be no Internet and we 
could still be living in an analogue world where almost everything we take for granted today would 
not exist.

This book should be essential reading in schools and be read widely. It provides insights that 
should show how further advances can be made and how security can be developed to protect 
the users of electronic information. Currently few understand the threats that come with the 
enormous benefits and because of that, developers and politicians continue to fail miserably in 
providing the benefits at an acceptable level of risk.