Ian Rank-Broadley’s Lord Lovat statue backdrop – D-Day memorial- Friday 6 June

Ian Rank-Broadley is undoubtedly the most widely distributed artist in Britain.  Most people own a piece of the sculptor’s work as Rank-Broadleys effigy of HM The Queen has appeared on all UK and most Commonwealth coinage since 1998.  

The sculptor has unveiled his latest work, a statue of the D-Day hero  Lord Lovat, at the site of Sword Beach, where Lovat made his historic landing on 6 June 1944. The Lord Lovat statue will be the backdrop to the commemorations on the 6th of June where HM The Queen and President Obama,  and other heads of state will view the day’s events from their vantage point adjacent to the Lovat statue.
Its been said of Lord Lovat Under him, men did more than they could possibly imagine they could do, were braver than they knew themselves to be.” (Obit, Independent, 20.03.95)