Launch of the IWM Duxford American Air Museum Summer Residency

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Thursday 31 July

Churchill War Rooms, London

From 4pm


The launch of the American Air Museum Summer Residency at Churchill War Rooms, London.

The American Air Museum Summer Residency Programme is a unique professional development project creating a partnership between teachers from the USA and the UK. Run by IWM Duxford on behalf of the American Air Museum, the residency gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate on a range of innovative ideas and best practice which they will then take back to the classroom to ignite in their students a new spark of fascination in the study of Second World War history and, within it, the role of engineering and technology.


At the programme launch on Thursday 31 July, participating teachers from the USA will have just arrived in the UK and will be meeting, for the first time, their British counterparts.


You’ll be able to meet and chat with the American and British teachers, find out about their reasons for attending the Summer Residency and what they hope to gain from the programme.


You’ll also hear from speakers representing our sponsors Northrop Grumman, Imperial War Museums and the American Air Museum, who will welcome the teachers to the Summer Residency and consider the importance of the project.


During the residency, American and British teachers learn, in a collaborative and inspiring environment, about Second World War history and the key contributions made by engineering and technology. They will take part in exclusive tours and special lectures, not only at IWM Duxford, but also at sites of historical significance in the local area. They’ll hear from museum professionals and also from veterans who have experienced war and conflict, giving teachers a deeper understanding of Second World War history, with a special emphasis on aerial conflict and the important role of engineering and technology.


Using the information and experience that they have gathered, teachers will then work in partnership to create immersive and relevant learning activities that will be trialed with local students in a summer camp environment.

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