New Book – Chinese Hoardes and Human Waves


Chinese Hoardes and Human Waves
A Personal Perspective of the Korean War 1950 – 1953
Brigadier Brian Parritt CBE CNI

The North Koreans’ attack on their Southern neighbours shocked and surprised the World. The conflict rapidly escalated with China soon heavily involved on one side and the United States and United Nations on the other. The author, then a young Gunner officer, found himself in the midst of this very nasty war. He describes first hand what it was like to be at the infamous Battle of the Hook, where UN troops held off massed attacks by the Communists. Few outside the war zone realised just how horrific conditions were.

As a qualified Chinese interpreter and, later, a senior military intelligence officer, Parritt is well placed to analyse why the Commonwealth got involved, the mistakes and successes and the extreme risk that the war represented. This is not only a fine memoir but a unique insight into a forgotten War.

ISBN 981783373727
224 pages
RRP ?12.99

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