New Book – Cold War Command


Cold War Command
The Dramatic Story of a Nuclear Submariner
Dan Conley & Richard Woodman

The part played in the Cold War by the Royal Navy’s submarines still retains a great degree of mystery and, in the traditions of the ‘Silent Service,’ remains largely shrouded in secrecy. Cold War Command brings us as close as is possible to the realities of commanding nuclear hunter-killer submarines, routinely tasked to hunt out and covertly follow Soviet submarines in order to destroy them should there be any outbreak of hostilities.

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New Book – Chinese Hoardes and Human Waves


Chinese Hoardes and Human Waves
A Personal Perspective of the Korean War 1950 – 1953
Brigadier Brian Parritt CBE CNI

The North Koreans’ attack on their Southern neighbours shocked and surprised the World. The conflict rapidly escalated with China soon heavily involved on one side and the United States and United Nations on the other. The author, then a young Gunner officer, found himself in the midst of this very nasty war. He describes first hand what it was like to be at the infamous Battle of the Hook, where UN troops held off massed attacks by the Communists. Few outside the war zone realised just how horrific conditions were.

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New Book – Military Detention Colchester


Military Detention Colchester
Voices from the Glasshouse
Carole McEntee-Taylor

From a German POW camp to HM Forces only remaining detention centre, the mere mention of ‘Colly’ struck fear into the hearts of thousands of servicemen over the years.
But what was it really like behind the forbidding barbed wire in those ancient Nissan Huts? How much has it changed since 1947?

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New Book – The Suffragette Bombers


The Suffragette Bombers
Britain’s Forgotten Terrorists
Simon Webb

Simon Webb explores the way in which the suffragette bombers have been airbrushed from history, leaving us with a distorted view of the struggle for female suffrage. Not only were the suffragettes far more aggressive than is generally known, but there exists the very real and surprising possibility that their militant activities actually delayed, rather than hastened, the granting of the parliamentary vote to British women.

ISBN 9781783400645
192 pages
RRP ?19.99

New Book – RHNS Averof


RHNS Averof
John Carr

Built at Livorno in 1910, the 10,000-ton RHNS Averof had the distinction of being the flagship, and by far the biggest warship, of the Royal Hellenic Navy until 1951. More than a century after its construction, she is still afloat, one of just three armoured cruisers still in existence in the world. Originally intended for the Italian navy, the ship was bought by Greece and soon saw her first action in the Balkan Wars. In the Battle of Cape Helles (3 Dec 1912) Averof inflicted heavy casualties on the Turkish fleet, following it up with a victory in the Battle of Lemnos (5 Jan 1913).

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The Boer War 1899-1902


The Boer War 1899-1902
Ladysmith, Magersfontein, Spion Kop, Kimberley & Mafeking
John Grehan & Martin Mace

Fought between the British Empire and the two independent Boer republics, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Republic, the First Boer War (1880–1881) was a rebellion by the Boers (farmers) against British rule in the Transvaal that re-established their independence. The engagements that it involved, such as they were, were small and involved few casualties.

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New Book – Lincoln’s Assassin


Lincoln’s Assassin
The Unsolicited Confessions of J Wilkes Booth
J F Pennington

In 1890, actor John Wilkes Booth – long presumed dead – emerged from twenty-five years of anonymity in his wilderness refuge to expose those truly responsible for the Lincoln assassination and its ensuing cover-up, to unite with the children he had never known and recover what he might of his sense of purpose and dignity.

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New Book – The History of Compacts and Cosmetics



The History of Compacts and Cosmetics
From Victorian Times to the Present Day
Madeleine Marsh

Cosmetics have been used to increase attraction since Ancient times whilst Compacts have been a symbol of love for generations but especially since the 1920s. In this fascinating book, vintage accessories’ expert, Madeleine Marsh, discusses just what makes compacts so desirable and reveals their hidden secrets from cameras to cigarettes. Madeleine shows what to buy and where, what to spot when buying and how to make the most of your compacts, vintage cosmetics or beauty accessories.

ISBN 9781473822948
256 pages
RRP ?16.99

New Book – Forts & Fortifications of Europe 1815-1945: The Central States


Forts & Fortifications of Europe 1815-1945: The Central States
Germany, Austria-Hungary & Czechoslovakia
J E Kaufmann, H W Kaufmann

After the Napoleonic Wars the borders of Central Europe were redrawn and relative peace endured across the region, but the volatile politics of the late nineteenth century generated an atmosphere of fear and distrust, and it gave rise to a new era of fortress building, and this is the subject of this highly illustrated new study. The authors describe how defensive lines and structures on a massive scale were constructed along national frontiers to deter aggression.

ISBN 9781848848061
256 pages
RRP ?25.00

New Book – British Steam Locomotive Builders


British Steam Locomotive Builders
James W Lowe

From the early 1800s and for nearly 170 years, steam locomotives were built in Great Britain and Ireland, by a variety of firms, large and small. James Lowe spent many years accumulating a considerable archive of material on the History of the locomotive building industry, from its early beginnings at the dawn of railways, until the end of steam locomotive construction in the 1960s. British Steam Locomotive Builders was first published in 1975 and has not been in print for some years.

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