Book Review – Sheriffmuir 1715, The Jacobite War in Scotland



The author has provided an accurate account of the events leading to Sheriffmuir to coincide with the three hundredth anniversary. It is a moving and sad story and all the more pertinent as the latter day dependency party, the SNP, tries to replace union with the rest of the British with subservience to Brussels.

This enjoyable book provides a comprehensive account of the battle of Sheriffmuir, throwing light on how it was fought. It has included eyewitness accounts, some previously unpublished and all important to the understanding of this fight. There are also chapters that review the organization, training, weapons, and tactics for both the Jacobite forces and the Government army. It may not convert any of those strongly holding to established views from either extreme, but it will allow the more open minded to consider this critical part of Scottish history.

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