New private policing service launches for the events sector


Definitive Event Policing launches – with a mission to help festival organisers cut costs, cut crime and keep public safe

Definitive Event Policing (DEP), a high level specialist policing service for the events industry, has launched with a mission to help event organisers cut policing costs, keep the public safe and prevent crime.

The new-look service, launched at the Event Production Show, Olympia, is an addition to regular security services and not a replacement, aiming to help organisers use fewer regular police officers on site.

Although it varies between police forces, on average a regular police officer can cost more than £60 an hour while using a DEP officer is considerably cheaper – saving up to 50 per cent.

Operating at almost equal capacity to the police thanks to considerable investment in resources and training, DEP has the credible facility to supplement police resources at events – and in some cases to completely substitute them.

The service was officially launched by Director David Boswell, an experienced security professional who entered the field following an exemplary record in the Armed Forces Household Cavalry Lifeguard Regiment.

He said: “This is an exciting time for Definitive Event Policing – and the response to our launch has been incredibly encouraging.

“It has taken many years of hard work and investment to get to this point, building relationships within the events industry and of course with police forces too.

“During that time we identified a real need in the industry for an alternative service to that provided by police at festivals, a service which they perform extremely professionally but which places a strain on police resources and which of course has cost implications for organisers.

“There will always be some events which require a police input but with DEP this requirement can now be considerably reduced, providing cost-saving advantages for event organisers.”

What makes DEP different from companies that concentrate on stewarding and security is its intense training programme which is regularly updated and, significantly, a partnership with former senior police officers Allan Binks and Martin Greaves.

Allan, formerly an Inspector with Greater Manchester Police and a trainer at the College of Policing, provides strategic input and has vast experience of commanding major events.

Martin, who spent 30 years in policing, including leading on self-defence, arrest and restraint for the Association of Chief Police Officers, was previously a Training Manager for the Metropolitan Police at Hendon and is now entrusted with the DEP training programme.

“Having Allan and Martin on board as consultants is vital to the DEP offering,” said David Boswell. “Our training is the best in the business and far in advance of anything normally offered to security staff, especially as our officers undergo refresher courses every year.”

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