Book Review – Fighting the Great War at Sea, Strategy, Tactics and Technology



In reviewing books, there is sometimes a touch of despair. The cost of production, including the royalties to photographers and photo libraries frequently constrains authors and publishers. This new book is an example of an author and publisher who have refused to compromise and consequently produced a book which is outstanding in a field of good books. The downside is that there will be potential readers who would struggle to justify the cover price, even though it is an aggressive price for a book of this quality and a testament to the management of production in driving down costs without reducing the book’s quality. The publisher does run some amazing promotions and this is a book that must feature in those programs, opening it to a wider readership. The publisher has also been developing an extensive range of eBooks, into which this must eventually be added. However, those readers who can stretch to the cover price will be richly rewarded.

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