Shere Classic & Supercar Live Action Festival nr Guildford Celebrates Centenary of Motorsport


This year’s Shere Hill Climb celebrates 100 years since the Newlands hill climb kicked off the area’s century of motorsport.

Shere is the great classic and supercar live action festival near Guildford which takes place on closed public roads on 6th September and raises money for seven charities.

This quintessential English day out celebrates other historic hill climbs that took place near to the venue as far back as 1915 and the course ascends 300 feet over a distance of nearly a mile with a series of challenging corners along the route. There are panoramic views across the Surrey countryside, London and the Wembley Arch can be seen in the distance.

More than 135 vintage, specialist and sports cars will be demonstrated – together with a vibrant spectator paddock and showground with displays, fairground rides and stalls – ensuring lots of fun for the whole family and a great social day out, while giving motoring enthusiasts an opportunity to show their often priceless classic cars and drive up a challenging and unique course.

Around 4,000 spectators bring their cars along to enjoy the fun, which starts at 9:30, so expect to see action from Ferraris, Bugattis, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Bentleys – plus MGs, Rileys, Jaguars, specials, and more! Last year the oldest car in action was an aero-engined 1907 Berliet and the newest a brand new Lamborghini Aventador.

Each vehicle completes the course – which is just under a mile – three times, ascending nearly 300 feet each time and tackling tricky corners. Straw bale chicanes are added to the course at various points to increase the difficulty. More details at

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