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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are reuniting to create an all-new car show, exclusively for Amazon Prime. The show will be produced by the trio’s long time executive producer Andy Wilman. On working with Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson said “I feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.” The first show will go into production shortly and arrive exclusively on Amazon Prime in 2016.
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Don’t miss Extant Season 2, produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry, two-time Golden Globe winner and 11 Emmy Award nominee Transparent and the upcoming full series of The Man in the High Castle, produced by Ridley Scott. Not to mention Vikings, Ripper Street Season 3 extended cut, Black Sails and of course Outlander, all exclusive to Amazon Prime.

BookPick: The Vega Adventures

Book Pick: The Vega Adventures

by BigJules

vega bookI have known of the work of Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun for several years now and have developed a huge admiration for their achievements and dedication. As a life’s work, each year they deliver over 25 tons of educational and medical supplies to some of the world’s most remote communities, showing how a modest input can make a major difference.

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Rigging, Period Fore-and-aft craft



There is very little text in this book, which is a collection of beautifully drawn images of period fore-and-aft craft. The text which is included is adequate to support the drawings. The drawings are impeccable. This is a very reasonably priced book, aimed at the model maker and particularly the scratch-build modeller who is either producing a model on the basis of a commercial kit that is greatly enhanced, or building from scratch to produce a unique model of high impact. For such modellers, a rigging book of this quality is a considerable aid, but it should also be considered by those readers who are building knowledge of period sailing craft and need to understand the finer points of period rigging. This book received a very favourable review from best selling author Julian Stockwin who is something of a perfectionist in his research for each of his Kydd and Renzi tales with a well-developed knowledge of naval craft of the Napoleonic War period.

Book Review – Flight Craft 3, Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane



A deceptively thin A4 format book with colour, black & white photographs with full colour drawings. The Flight Craft series is an interesting family of publications. It is aimed primarily at the model makers and model engineers, but it is in two parts. The first part is a very well written history of the subject with some fine photographs in illustration. The second part of the book provides some outstanding full colour drawings and reviews of plastic kits, some of which are now out of general sale and have become collectors items. The amount of information packed into the book is surprising and of very high quality. The author and his illustrators have provided model makers with many options to enhance standard plastic kits of the subject and modify them to replicate some interesting variations of the subject. An excellent publication which will satisfy serious model makers, but a first class book for the novice of all ages and for those who are enthusiasts of a remarkable aeroplane.

Book Review – German Naval Camouflage, Volume Two, 1942-1945


This is a specialist book for the professional and the serious enthusiast. The quality of illustration is consistently high throughout the book. It is the most comprehensive and authoritative work ever to be published on the colour schemes of the Kriegsmarine, containing the coverage of Volume 1 which took coverage to 1941. This second volume covers from 1942 to 1945. To those wishing to increase their knowledge of WWII naval activity, this is an excellent book, if perhaps at the upper end of the price range for those not yet serious enthusiasts. The publisher has a long tradition of running promotional campaigns with significant price reductions, so all is not lost for those who may struggle to justify the recommended price. The work cannot be too highly commended.