Book Review – Flight Craft 3, Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane



A deceptively thin A4 format book with colour, black & white photographs with full colour drawings. The Flight Craft series is an interesting family of publications. It is aimed primarily at the model makers and model engineers, but it is in two parts. The first part is a very well written history of the subject with some fine photographs in illustration. The second part of the book provides some outstanding full colour drawings and reviews of plastic kits, some of which are now out of general sale and have become collectors items. The amount of information packed into the book is surprising and of very high quality. The author and his illustrators have provided model makers with many options to enhance standard plastic kits of the subject and modify them to replicate some interesting variations of the subject. An excellent publication which will satisfy serious model makers, but a first class book for the novice of all ages and for those who are enthusiasts of a remarkable aeroplane.

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