Group Captain John ‘Joe’ Collier DSO, DFC and Bar, The Authorised Biography of the Bomber Commander, Air War & SOE Strategist & Dam-buster Planner.



The subject of this biography had a very active and interesting war. It is surprising that his story has not been told a long time ago. He was there from the first day of WWII and continued in RAF service through the 1950s, including a tour as Assistant Chief of Staff at NATO in Norway. This account provides an absorbing account of some of the key events in the Bomber Command campaign that did so much to shorten the war, if at heavy cost in aircraft and aircrew. This is a book that every bomber enthusiast will wish to read and re-read. It provides a very useful overview for those developing an interest and provides an enthralling personal story.

This is a very interesting person and a very interesting career that provide fresh insights into important aspects of the development of British bombing capabilities. Highly recommended.

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