Great Walls & Linear Barriers



This is a book that manages to cover a huge spread of history without seeming to be thin in any part of the period covered. That is a major achievement. The author has also succeeded in providing an indexed collection of subjects that still read as part of long and unfolding story. Readers may be very surprised by just how important and enduring linear barriers have been and how they are likely to persist long into the future. A very interesting story that goes far beyond the technology of building walls.

Swords and Cinema, Hollywood VS The Reality of Ancient Warfare


The author has provided a unique perspective of the weapons and uses in the ancient world to provide an interesting and readable overview and discussion of the subjects in the context of Hollywood’s treatment of them. There is detailed coverage of battle scenes in some of the most famous films. This book will appeal to the traditional enthusiasts of the historical periods and those who have developed keen interests in the development and use of weapons in ancient history. In addition to this well-established market, there will be those who are interested in drama, creative writing and films. A fascinating read that covers new ground and offers fresh perspective.

The author has managed to produce a readable, informative, and credible perspective. His work is entertaining and his conclusions have an authoritative feel to them.Enjoy.

German Secret Weapons of the Second World War, The Missiles, Rockets, Weapons & New Technology of the Third Reich



British and German scientists developed a wealth of new technology during WWII. The difference was that the British were a little more restrained and were able to fall back on US weapons that may have been less advanced and less capable, but could be produced in very large numbers, very quickly and be delivered to the front line. Their greater simplicity also tended to provide much greater reliability. However, the German rocket program and the exotic nature of some weapons has captured the imagination of generations since 1945. The author has produced a readable book that presents a range of German attempts to change the nature of warfare. It is a book that will appeal to a wide readership that includes those who are not normally interested in technology of weapons. There is a wealth of drawings throughout the book that brings to life this innovation. In addition, there is a photo-plate section that provides rare images to add to the story. A commendable work at a very reasonable price.

Mitsubishi Zero, Japan’s Legendary Fighter



There has always been an amount of dispute as to the real place in aviation history for the famous Zero. The author has provided a flowing narrative, examining the strengths and weaknesses of the Mitsubishi Zero. He has considered its early career when the legend was built, and followed it through the end where the dropping of two nuclear bombs removed the need for the Allies to invade the Japanese home islands, where the Zero had been carefully husbanded to be available for mass suicide attacks on invasion forces. The text is supported by a well-selected photo plate section. This is a good review of a famous warplane and will appeal to any reader who has any interest in the Pacific battles and the use of the Zero to achieve the amazing early Japanese advances, followed by the slow death of their ambitions, as the tide of war turned and flowed relentlessly against Japan.

Hurricane Squadron Ace, The Story of Battle of Britain Ace Air Commodore Peter Brothers CBE DSO DFC*


This is an engaging story of one of The Few. It is a complete biography that also covers the subject’s experiences flying heavy bombers and V-Bombers after 1945. The subject’s career is interesting and varied, which questions why no one has thought of producing a full biography earlier. Aviation enthusiasts will naturally wish to buy copies. Many may buy specifically because it is an account of one of The Few, who become fewer each year and, all too soon, will disappear into history. Highly recommended.

The little ship behind the big celebration on “Pickle Night”



By Peter Hore

Foreword by Andrew Lambert

ISBN: 978 0 7509 6435 7

Hardback £14.99

30 b/w Illustrations
October 2015

While fireworks and bonfires light up the sky to mark Guy Fawkes in early November, another celebration is spreading fast across, not just the country, but the world – Pickle Night! Celebrated on or as close to the 6th November as possible, Yacht clubs, coastal towns, Nelson enthusiasts and Naval officers gather in fancy dress to eat and drink in celebration of HMS Pickle – the smallest ship in Nelson’s fleet but still famous over 200 years later.

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Tyger Extra: the Audiobook


‘Listen to any good books recently?’ It seems more and more of us are downloading audiobooks, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets – and the format’s popularity on long car journeys. The UK audio market rose by nearly 25% in 2014 – and has grown by an astonishing 170% in the past five years, making it the fastest growing market in publishing.

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